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Looks like this board has not recovered from Covid19


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Falcon, Colorado
Looks like this chapter has not recovered from Covid, yet I’m working hard to get my most recent xj ready for fun in the Sun this year. I am having fun with the windy Red Flag weather. I need to finish my Stinky Fab sledgehammer diy Font Bumper. Can’t weld outside with things the way they are. I did manage to get the suspension rebuild done last week, and working on getting some other maintenance done the aux cooling fan is kind of noisy but does keep the engine cool, so not in any big hurry to do it. This one is a 2000 xj from Colorado buy way of Wyoming. It’s name is The Green Hornet, it’s green by the way.:patriot:: :wave: Hope I didn’t join a dead forum looking forward to getting to know some of you.
The coof got em all ...lol. The wind and no hot work be sucking I wanted to weld on some new d rings to my rear axle truss for tie downs and a new set on the header the trailer is too much if a pita to get into the garage and outside is no go ...it sucks because I was lazy couple weeks back after it snowed and I could have snuck it in then without burning down the national forest .