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Help with 7100 valving


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Circle City, AZ
I have decided to go with Bilstein short body, remote resi, 7100's in 12" travel front and rear. I am sitting at between 5.5" and 6" of lift. I have my bumpstops dialed in all around. I am running a shock hoop in the back that leans the shocks inboard at the top. While this isn't optimal, It's temporary till I can run the shocks through the floor and mount them to the cage. I can fit the 12" travel short bodies in the rear now and they won't use much of their available travel but they'll still be long enough when I'm ready to go through the floor. I figure I'll have to run a bit stiffer valving on the rears because of their mounting angle.
I have read all I can find on the subject of valving with these shocks. I was just wondering what valving everyone finally settled on and how they like it. I know I can revalve them, but I'd like to try to educate myself and make the best possible choice.
I'm running the 275/78 valving in the front and am really happy with it for rock crawling and the fast stuff. On the hiway the rebound damping is a bit lite but I can live with it.
I got the 255/70 valving for the rear but have not installed them yet so I can't comment on how they'll perform.
im running the 255/100 in both front and rear now. Highway is good and high speed desert is great, my cd player doesnt skip. It will just take longer to get the shocks built with this valving.