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Help, tire size are tred pattern.


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South Louisiana
Help, tire size or tred pattern.

I need some advice. I'm going to my first jamboree this weekend,and it looks like it may be raining. My question is which tires should I use? I have 2 sets, one set is a 31x10.5 AT's , the other set are 235/75/r15 mud. Ijust finished pase one of my build up. 3"lift, d44rear d30front 3.55/1, all skids f&r c4x4 bumpers, arb snorkel. So what do you think tire size or tred patern. thanks
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it really depends on what you're going to be doing :) If it's really gonna be muddy... MT's might perform better then AT's... but then again, clearance and floation (wider) might be more of a benefit...

Go for the tread of the mudders, you can always dig to traction no matter what the size.
Don,t have too many mountains in La. do you.Run the MT,s,you are only giving up about an inch of tire.