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Heavy duty heim joints a thing?


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Good evening.
I have a Rough Country long arm lift on my WJ. I have had both front heim joints on the lower control arms go out. I called RC and they promptly sent me two new ones. The rears are now gone. The kit has only been on the Jeep for a year. I have put a lot of miles, mostly in the dirt on it this year. I dont have a part number for the joint as I was not provided with one from RC but I kept the old ones. Is there such a thing as a heavy duty heim joint that will last longer or is this typical?


I do keep up on maintenance with them.

I need to clarify my question. I must have been too tired. The RC is 1 1/4" 12 RH thread, 2.625" width housing and takes a 9/16" bolt. The threaded shank is 5 1/4" long. I would really like to replace these with the Currie RockJock joints. The CE-9114 seems to fit the bill except for the threaded shank length. I am running just over 6" of lift and I need the longer shank.

So, to clarify, who makes heavy duty joints with a longer thread shank?
Just to close the loop on this. I spoke with a gentlemen at Rock Jock today about Johnny Joints. He said they just had a conversation about building a joint specifically to replace the RC flex joints last week. He believes they will start producing them this year. He recommended a couple of companies which I called to no avail. I ended up buying some Barnes Eduro joints. They have to be better than the RC joints.
Would be great if Rock Jock starts making a replacement. I've got an RC long arm on my XJ, and while the Johnny Joints are tight right now, I'm sure they will eventually wear out.

One question for you - do the RC brand Johnny Joints have any sort of lash adjustment? I thought I saw an indication of a threaded lash adjustment on mine.
Throughout my research I have read there have been several different styles of flex joints RC has used. I can only speak to the ones I have. I bought this kit a year ago and they do not have any sort of adjustment. The replacements they have sent me do not either. I'll go take some pics right now.
So it is a really simple joint. Pulled the snap ring, removed the washer, and pulled the guts out.

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The only metal inside is the ball and the washer/snap ring. And then this small piece of hard plastic.

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Nice. Can you post the part number for this? Also, are you willing to open it up to see how it looks on the inside?

My front radius arm setup has a small and large Johnny Joint. Does yours also have this, and if so, are you replacing those too?
I didnt order their disassembly tool. So no on taking it apart but their website has a video showing how to rebuild it that shows the insides. I haven't given the small flex joints on the UCA that much thought yet. I wanted to have these in hand to see what I thought first. I will now be ordering more to replace the rest. Do you have the specs for the smaller joints?

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Thanks on the part number. Listed below is the info I have on the small (upper) and large (lower) Johnny Joints on my RC front radius arms. Looking at it again now, it appears I decided that one of the Currie Rock Jock joints would work for both the big and small. I guess for your set up you need an extra long threaded section?

o Factory dimensions are:
 Uppers: 3/4 x 16 with 2" width and uses stock 10mm bolts.
 Lowers: 1-1/4 x 12 with 2-9/16 width and uses 9/16 bolt

o Replacement items:
 Upper arm: Currie CE-9112SP
 Lower arm: Currie CE-9114L-21