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Heat related shutdown


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At least I think it's heat related it's the first real warm day on the mail route this year and twice so far Luigi has just died on me as I pull up to a box. The fuel pump will run prime and it will crank just fine but won't even sputter until I let it cool for about 5 minutes, then it will start and run like nothing happened. The coil and distributor are only a year old I don't think it's them, im inclined to guess the cps, ill change it out for one if my spares if I make it home today. Anything else to suspect? It's a 95 so no codes or problematic coil rail.
I don't trust new parts. Particularly given what I have seen of quality control over the years. I wouldn't rule out the coil or the distributor just on account of their age. I would work to verify they actually are functioning properly when hot.

And yes, I understand the challenge with intermittent problems.
Did it one more time. The weird part was every time it happened was as it dropped to idle as I pulled up to a box. I would suspect the iac but wouldn't it at least try to start on subsequent cranking and working the pedal?
Make sure the O2 sensor is ok.
Rather than guessing, it seems to be time for some testing. CPS is the primary suspect, the coil and the fuel pump are potential suspects.

The cheap crappy Chinese parts everybody sells cannot be trusted to be within specification, or to have a decent service life.
New cps and it didn't shut down on me today so I think that was it. On a related note, does anyone know if the obd1 and the obd2 sensors are the same unit except for the plug? Could of saved a ton of money if I knew they were because I had a practically brand new one out of my 01 I junked and I could of just switched the plug end.