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headers for sbc in a comanche??


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Hinckley, IL
hey guys, anyone have any experience with what headers to use for a small block in a comanche? or maybe even an older cherokee?

I am using the advanced adapters motor mounts. I just tried a set from summit, they are block huggers and exit straight down, but their is not enough room for them on the passenger side. the drivers side fits alright but is a little tight. if the passenger side came down towards the back of the block their is more room, but if they came down towards the back of the block on the drivers side it would hit the clutch cylinder or whatever its called.

basically I need these for the drivers side (these are what I have)

and something like this for the passenger side

could I run 2 different headers? or what would you recommend?
that is the last resort at this time, ive seen that post, but mine isn't as hardcore I will be driving mine on the street so I would like to keep the integrity of the "frame"

What I really want to know is, If I run 2 different headers, (one comes down in the middle of the block, other comes down towards the back) although having similar lengths to collectors and diameter of tube. will it affect the motor at all???