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Has This Event Been Held During a Federal Shut-Down in the Past?


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Just wondering what sort of impact a Federal Shut-Down may have on Moab. The last time the Feds did this it screwed up my camping plans. Had to find a state park.

If there is a shut-down I expect Arches and Canyonlands will be closed. For all I know they are small-minded enough to try to close all federal lands, even if they would otherwise not be staffed.

Any past experience down this road?

ETA: Attempting to look into the situation, this is at least hopeful: https://kslnewsradio.com/2043365/utah-national-parks-will-stay-open-if-theres-a-government-shutdown/
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I believe that it was the 2013 event we were there during a shutdown. The only thing I recall was that Arches was closed until the last day of the event when the shutdown ended and it reopened.

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Mac is correct it was 2013. The Utah governor at the time used state funds to open the parks. That allowed us to run elephant hill on the last day.
Props to Utah.

My experience with these issues has been in Kali. To say Kali doesn't respond the same way is an understatement.