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has anybody used this lift


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monson mass
RE6160 2" XJ Standard Kit its shown here http://www.rubiconexpress.com/dynamic/mainpage.asp?folderid=185

it seems like one of the best deals around for a highschool student's butget

im looking to run 30's on my 90' cherokee. its got newer leafs in the back and there just as high as my friends 89 with the off road package. will these add leafs work ok. i think this lift should ride as good if not better than i am now with 15 year old shocks.

also i was thinking of cuttng the metal above my shocks inside my xj to expose the bolt heads now a few weeks in advance and start spraying them with pb blaster. so i dont break anything while doing my lift it doesnt seem to me that just soaking the bolt heads from underneithe would do much if not anything
That is not bad kit at all if you are planning on staying there for a while. A 30" tire would be perfect with that kit, thought you COULD fit a 31" tire with some creative trimming and hammering. I dont know if you are interested in body modifications or not.

As for chopping the holes in the back to spay PBblaster, i'd say thats a bit overkill. I'd wait until you broke one. BTW you can spray them from the bottom ;) PBblaster will travel upwards ;)
Yup, don't cut the holes until you actually have to. PB Blaster NOW and again every few days until it loosens up the bolts.

That's a fine kit, but upgrade the half-length RE1415 AAL to a full-length RE1410. List price is $18 more, but it's worth it not to have the shorter AAL.

30s will fit nicely with that lift.