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Had the itch to burn. Working on open corners.


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Miller multimatic 235

Played with wire speed to 500 and volts to 25.

21/360 was a sweet spot so was 18 335ish.

This will just lay it down pretty much at and voltage and speed settings within reason

Running 18volts on the open corners.

Switching between viking 4350 hood and miller digital infinity i like them both. Wouldn't say either is better than the other.

Im planning a project with open corners and want to finish it without grinding

I also finished thefirst big spool through this machine. May try 030 wire this go around. Seems to be what most run to mig like tig.
030 might be better for exhaust work and xj sheet metal

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Looking good.

Next you will want a TIG.
Nice. I'm just learning myself. Really wish I had held out for a 220v machine.
The material thickness also dictates what gas you should be using.
Personally I don't think anything on an xj requires over .030 wire....
even .25 axle brackets can be glued with 30....
Also no need for spray transfer so 75 25 is perfect

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Thanks i can weld but often lack when it comes to making welds look good.

Just ran a open corner on 1/4 with a pause whip found i was having a hard time filling to the corners hanging out way to long on the pause side to fill.

Going to have to keep playing with speed to fill and look good

After looking at guidelines i bumped wire to 460ipm and left it at 21volts.

Less spatter and completely different sound more stable arc.

Most the stuff i do is 1/4" 035 might be the better size.

This machinecis more capable than i am

Did i say spray lol. There isnt a need but its freaking cool. Though i didnt really spray need 90/10 however this machinecmight spray ipm goes up to 700 volts to 27

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Nothing wrong with what you're laying down amigo!!
Don't forget spray is only for flats as far as I'm aware of.....

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Thanks. Im not sure c what spray is for so i probably dont need to do it

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Weld.com on YouTube does an awesome explanation! I'm jealous of your weld setup

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Yeah. I like his vids. He think overhead van be sprayed but not vertical up or down jes running a esab 235 spraying running within my welders capabilities.

I ran a hobart 180 for years and just gave it to my x wife. Lol that machine did amazing things

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The open corner project

These boxes can be bought but mine will kinda follow curves and be beef.

I cant get tail lights to survive

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You know what you are running into to take out your tail lights better than anyone else does, but you should be aware that a number of folks have found that stepping up to metal tail light boxes has simply moved the damage point from the tail light to the quarter panel. And tail lights are easier to swap out than quarter panels.

This is the route I chose: https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1123321

I don't know why, but pics aren't showing for me at the moment. The pics haven't moved, and if I copy/paste their URL I can get to them. Something up with NAXJA at the moment?

At any rate, if you can get pictures to show I did quarter armor with integrated tail light boxes.
Not really worried about damage. Im starting see a exocage tied into them in my head

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In the thinking chair thinking about settings and burning. Also thinking who needs tail lights

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Burn baby. I think i like this more than being on the trail
Saving this long burn for last, have a few flaws but so far im not going to touch it.
I removed all tacks and touched up corners with suicide wheel.


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Ok i burned one in.

Picture bar flush to fender diving into box with a tight short 90 and some kinda light as close to bar as possible.

I thought i lost the long corner run just about let off the trigger made my self breath and ran it out.

On the rear i might cut it out and recess the light completely or naybe 1/2" inside flush.

Looking like boxes will get burned into bumper

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