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Gov Auto Auctions

Most of the auctions I've been to, were overseas. Bit it is likely the same or nearly so. There are regulars who attend and they will sometimes (often) run the price up on an item you are interested in, just to discourage you. They buy in bulk and play the averages.
You might want to get there early and work a deal with one of the regulars, to bid for you. They don't often bid against each other much and/or run the price up. They make there deals before hand and bid alternate lots, so everybody gets a taste. Except the independants.
If a foriegn governement is interested in a certain type of vehicle, all bets are off, the regulars will run the price way on up there. They may be acting as agents for a third party or want to corner the market in a certain vehicle or machine.
Figure out what you are willing to pay and stop bidding when your budget is reached.
If your sharp enough to pick out the Homo's, they are generally a good group to work with. No chit. Business is buisness.
Many states are now going to online bidding. I work for the Gov and my duty station is in Missouri right now. Missouri is set up to do an online auction to dispose of the old or surplus vehicles. They have a website that they post on when the auctions are set to go. I do not have that address at my desk right now, but if I can find it I will post it for you. As with any auctions, it is a bit of a crap shoot. I have seen good low milage trucks sell for $700 and others that were crap sell for $4000...it all depends on what a person is wanting to buy. As far as Cherokees, most are bought by the Froest Service and Department of Conservation. Other agencies will occassionally have them, but those two are the front runners for having Cherokees around the midwest. Just my $.02
Yes, i hear ya.

I have also heard of Locals only gov auto auctions, foeign beings are not allowed to attend, where the local community will benifit with out getting reamed from such territorial biddings. But then there are still the regs to deal with. Id like to attend one of these auctions and see how it all works. Are there any fees for attending these?
>< I looked at the auctions for my state. They have a mobile home for $25. But Brushcutters (weedeater with sawblade) for $100. lol