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Good tillamook trails


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Central Cali
Hey me and some friends are coming out from the Walla walla area to TSF and were wondering what some of the fun trails were. Were not locked up but we still want a challenge. Anybody know the trails really well and have any advice. Thanks a lot. If your out there look for me, i'll be driving the black cherokee with 35's and 5.5 inch lift with the olympic roof rack.
when you going? memorial weekend? there will be a bunch of guys there from tc. lots of good trails. i would head up archers to fire break five, hit the crushers, 7-up, can opener, and waterfall. ceder tree is cool too, but they just changed it to be more like a dirt road than a trail.
Yeah, we are going to be out the all saturday and sunday just exploring the area. How crowded will it be over memorial day, just out of curiosity?
Yeah me and my buddy did make it out there on saturday. We were going to camp but it was pretty packed and the weather wasn't looking so nice towards the end of the day so we went back to portland. We did most of archers, ceder tree, some of powerline. Tried the mini rubicon but had a little trouble without lockers and the mindset in my head that i have to drive my jeep back to california in a few days and didn't want to destroy any vital components. Here is a couple pics. Not sure what this little climb was called but there was a good amount of people watching so I decided to give it a go.

My attempt at the Mini Rubicon, darn that huge rock. On the bright side at least i got to use my rock rails.

I saw you on the Mini Rubicon as I was driving by. Nice looking Jeep. It is tough seeing Cherokees on the trail when mine is forever on jackstands.