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GOLD jeep just NORTH of Canby on 99...


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about 5 inches of lift I'd say. Looked ready to hit the trail with a full roof rack of complimentary gear. (spare,shovel,hi-lift? i think)

Was either a Waggy, or Cherokee with waggy taillights.


Hope its one of our guys.

I honked at ya in the Red 2 dr.
Hmmm, I've never seen it but that doesn't mean it isn't around here. I work off of 99 in Milwaukie and drive between here and OC every day quite a bit. I also made a few trips into Canby last week. And I tend to notice lifted Jeeps, especially lately.

On a side note there is a lifted XJ that works across the street at Cheveron. Was getting gas there the other day and inquired as to who's it was and to my surprise it belonged to the little blonde behind the counter.