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Gas Costs

I will likely be full leaving and filling up in Ashville area. Will likely take two takes each way maybe one extra for driving around Harlan. So 5 tanks at about $65.00 each. About $325 I'm guessing.
I wish it was this good towing!


Damn! What kind of mileage are you getting? The best i've seen in mine so far is 650 till E, and that was on an exceptional tank where I kept my foot out of it. The turbos are too much fun :D
These fuel prices are not looking as bad now - Last night I did a fuel budget for Moab - and once you clear Kansas hardly any fuel showing up right now under $2.95 a gallon and reaching as high as $3.53. Moab is around $3.40!
~679 miles one way, but I am lucky and have a work trip in southern Indiana that is paying $0.54 a mile round trip so that should pay for the majority of fuel for the entire trip ;)