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Fuel Pump Access 1999


You Guys ROCK!
Spring Creek, NV
This is probably old news for some but thought it might save someone the search. Assuming you can look at this without being a "CherokeeForum" member.
I haven't had to do this mod yet but will. I'm putting together a 'trail' kit of spares and thought a fuel pump (had new on shelf for years) & regulator might be good items to have along. With aftermarket bumper, gas tank skid, etc. R/R of pump would be a real PITA on the trail in a later model XJ and could be nasty when out in some remote area without cell coverage.

I'll probably use a nibbler to cut the sheet metal and will come up with a boat deck hatch lid or such to reseal the hole.

Anyway, the measurements are in the attachments this gentleman provided, which IMO is the most difficult part of the equation.