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FS: Various XJ Bits (Gauge Clusters, Mirrors, Supercharger)


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Huntsville, AL
Shipping for most small to medium sized items will be $10 to $20 to the forty-eight contiguous states.

Contact me through PM for my email address or phone number.

All gauge clusters are tested working for needle functionality. All bulbs appear to work, but not guaranteed.(Easily swapped from your broken cluster.) $50 plus shipping. That is 50% of what I used to be asking. I will program your VIN and mileage to match your existing broken cluster.

2000 XJ Full Cluster #1
Lens, A condition, typical swirl marks from cleaning.
Needles, B condition, orange, uneven fading.

2001 XJ Full Cluster #3
Lens, B condition, heavier scratches visible in direct light, broken tab.
Needles, B condition, orange, fading, but consistent.

1997 XJ Full Cluster #4
Lens, B condition, couple nicks that are hard to see straight on.
Needles, B condition, consistent faded white needles.

Manual 1997 mirrors, overall decent condition. Glass is good, black plastic is not faded, but does have scratches.
$30 plus shipping.

Prototype Sprintex Supercharger Kit
Please read all the details on the sale of this kit before deciding to purchase it.
Comes with everything shown plus the longer belt which is not shown. I am also including a GM wiring harness pigtail for the intake temperature sensor that came installed in the manifold. The originally included exhaust header wrap is NOT included as it was cheap fiberglass wrap and had to be destroyed to remove it.

Intake manifold has the underside wrapped in DEI heat reflective aluminum tape. It has some red paint on the fuel rail mounting seats that came off the fuel rail. It can be picked with fingers or a brushing if desired.

I am leaving the brass pipe and vacuum fittings on the supercharger that I installed. They were not originally included and required a bit of tinkering to figure out how to run the vacuum lines.

Hardware has been sorted and taped together with blue painter's tape. A replacement manifold o-ring has been included.

Under 10 miles on all parts. $2,500 plus shipping; firm. I originally paid $3,000 plus shipping for this kit. Expect shipping to be expensive as the supercharger is heavy and the manifold requires additional padding; in the $100 to $200 range for the 48 continental United States.

Please be aware:
  • Not recommend at all for engines with increased displacement.(Strokers) This is why I am selling this kit.
  • This is NOT a bolt on kit for beginners. Sprintex provided dealer only instructions and you will need to be comfortable tearing apart the left side of the engine.
  • Exhaust header wrap is required. I recommend DEI's Titanium wrap and stainless steel pipe clamps.
  • Computer tuning and a 2 bar MAP is required.
  • It is your responsibility to double check supercharger oil level before running. The supercharger still contains the factory fill. Per Sprintex, "Use Redline 75W90 NS gear oil or equivalent. It is critical not to overfill gearbox as damage will occur. Fill with exactly 100 millilitres or 3.38 US fluid ounces."
  • It is possible to accidentally crush the supercharger to manifold o-ring when installing the supercharger. A new o-ring is included and I recommend contacting Sprintex to purchase spares for future servicing.
  • A custom fuel line from the frame hard line to the fuel rail may be required if you do not plan on using the seventh injector setup.

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/44xOAmJ.jpg

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/wkv0KFo.jpg

Painless 68mm 65301 Throttle Body
Gasket included. This is a really nice throttle body. Note: The aftermarket replacement IAC motor on my 1997 needed to a slightly different o-ring to work on this throttle body. I will include this o-ring in case you run into this issue. All the loose hardware has been removed and properly bagged since taking the pictures.

$400 shipped to the 48 continental United States.

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/7Uztojs.jpg

Full size: http://i.imgur.com/bSvLhw1.jpg
If I do not end up selling the supercharger I plan on putting it on my LJ.

Yep, 1 of about 50 produced kits that fits under a stock XJ hood will be put into a LJ that has many aftermarket options.