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Front nameplate attachement


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I was looking at my 88 XJ and the word Jeep is 4 seperate letters each one attached individually to the grill surround. Three years ago when I changed out the raditor I recall looking at the backside of the surround and seeing how the letters were attached.

All the other nameplates use 2 sided tape to hold them on but this one is pins through holes in the grill surround. What I recall it looks like a paste or adhesive is on the pins to keep them in place, no nut looking things on the back side.

I lost the "J" and now am going to have the XJ painted and plan to pull off all the nameplates for a better job. I have the new nameplates, this front J E E P has a retail of $65. Can someone explain the attachement system, I can not find in my Factory Service manual or any of my of my other sources.


Even the J E E P on the later ones are adhered, with no pins. My guess is that they used the same double-sided tape they used for the others, but added the pins to make it easier to align everything. You can buy trim/emblem tape at auto parts and auto paint stores. It's thinner than hardware store double-sided foam tape, but doesn't hold any better.
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J/K Eagle

Eagle is absolutely correct, they use the two sided tape and those pins are there to make sure they are lined up straight and spaced evenly. Sorry, but I used to work in a body shop anda lotta car and truck trim is like this
You guys are wrong,,, ;) :D :D

I have pulled several J E E P off of 87 and 88 cherokees... in the junk yard(you can never have enough :D) and all of them had little nuts on the upper pin... the nuts where made of very thin metal and you kind of crimp them on. none of them I recall had sticky tape... but it would not hurt to use it.

If you don't believe me. I will take a digital pic of them attached. :)
My XJ had little sheet metal clips too, but I also found a sticker on the inside of the header panel that said "Mopar Factory Replacement Part" so it probably dosen't have the original letters either. I can see why they use the sticky tape though. When I endoed my ZJ the letters were all scratched from the nose sliding on the ground but they stayed on. What I'd really like to know is how you can push the bumper back into the tires and not set off the airbags.
Yep, my 86, 89 and 92 the front emblem all are held by pins and stamped nuts, the rest are held by adhesive tape. In 95 (I think) they did away with the pins ont he front emblem as well and the emblems were just held on by adhesive.