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Free 4 door unibody. Plus other crap..OH


NAXJA Forum User
Wooster, OH
I have an 88 XJ unibody. It's been parted out and stripped, no title. The rear wheel well have been cut and rewelded for TJ flares. Has mounts to relocate the rear shocks to the center of the unibody. The passenger rockers has been cut, I was starting to make 3x5 steel rockers for it. Lower CA mounts are torched off, trac bar torched. No doors or hatch. Really was in solid shape, no rust etc. Don't know if anyone wants it or not. I figured I'd post before it goes to the scrap yard. gotta take the scrap XJ parts/junk in it though.

Its what's left of this.


Short bed MJ bed. Bed floor is solid, no rust. wheel weels have some rust some dents etc, good tail gate.


2wd MJ front axle wheels tires.
stripped to knuckles disco 30
21 spline AW-4 with TC
Steering box out of the XJ
rear side glass of the XJ
Probably some other junk I have left over

Located in Wooster, OH. WILL NOT SHIP OR DELIVER!!!