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Fitment of Body Panels?


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Dallas, Tx
I noticed my front grill and quarter panel fit very tight together. I assume that is normal. They shouldn't have a little breather gap between them, correct? Is that how yours fits?

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Not the best pic, but that doesn't look unusual to me.
Mine is a 97 XJ and looks just like that.....except for the shinny, I need to paint mine. sanded down due to surface rust all over the top of it so I prepped it etching primed it, blocked, urethane primed it and been on hold to paint since. Mines never been hit or kissed anywhere and looks the same in front almost no gap.
Okay, glad to hear it's a normal thing.

I am impressed you are tackling a paint job. I don't have anything necessary required to do that.

Good luck!!

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