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Finally rolled my Jeep-


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While it wasn't a full roll, it was a solid flop and then some.


Weel thats actually funny to see Matt. Its a good thing nothing really happened to you or your jeep. Looks like a fun time to say the least.... :)

I'd like to hear the story about this too....

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I honestly didnt believe you when you called and told me that, but you really should think about not letting buba spot you.:D

So what steering wheel do you have now?

Nice one there Matt. I like the use of "finally", almost like its a relief it rolled over :D

Im with Keil, how bout a little story time? Oh, and some pics of any damage would be cool.


P.S. Ditched the Trxuss?
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Nice catch on the tires Lyle, remember the bulges he had in them at the meet and greet? Oh and the story is quite entertaining, this makes me very confident in my cage. You get a hold of Pat yet Matt?

Nice! I kind of remember you calling me that night, also...

And are those jeremy's old TOYOS?
Damn dude, glad to see you're okay! Pretty impressive that it hasn't happened to you before, being that you're so timid on the trails :shiver:.

Glad to hear the rig is okay too! Sorry I missed you this weekend; Andrea and I went skydiving :yelclap:.

- Jay
At least you kept a smile....almost relieved it finally happened...I still love your jeep...When I get back to the PNW I will have to take a closer look to see about trying some of the same tricks out on mine...