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Finally got the computer hooked up...

Andy in Pa.

NAXJA Member #180
Downingtown, Pa.
I hate moving!!!!!! Well, We are in the new house finally!!!! I can't wait to fill up the driveway, lawn and street (but not in the pool!!!) with XJ's for the BBQ. I tried explaining to Leah how cool it would be to have a mini-rubicon in the backyard, but I don't think she is buying it....I told her she could plant flowers between the rocks......?

Sorry for the lack of involvement recently with the NAC group and helping out with NAC-Fest, barring any unforseen obstacles, I'll be helping out as much as I can now.\

Does anyone want to do some wheeling early April timeframe?? I really need to get on the trail VERY badly.

Andy, some of us from the Pittsburgh area were considering an April excursion to Paragon, although it isn't looking too promising to have my XJ trail ready by then. I should know in a week or so what the plan is. I'll keep you posted.

Keep us informed about your plans - I'm sure we could get some of us from NJ-PA up to Paragon to hook up with you guys in April.

Just make sure you all come back for NACFest! :)

Mike in NJ
I'll be at NACFest, and there may be 3 more XJ's with me from our little local group. The April trip will most likely be a couple TJ's and a Sami unless my XJ is up and running by then. The Sami is kinda up in the air as well, we still need to build a bellhousing to mate the VW turbodiesel to the tranny. I'd love to get out there and try things out before NACFest, but we'll have to wait and see.
Andy,my XJ should be back in one piece mid to late April and I will be wanting to try it out.Keep me posted when you want to go.
Sounds good Mitch/Brian. I'll look at some dates tomorrow and post some to see what everyone wants to do.

Mitch...building a front HP44 huh...hmmm...I might have to take some notes the next time we get together.

Andy,The axle came out of a 1978 F150 SuperCab,kinda hard to find but the best one to use.Clayton is narrowing the housing for me.He has a jig set up for it.I am going with Wagoneer width so I can get axles easier.