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Fender Trimming Get Together 5/31


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Costa Mesa, CA
For anyone that is interested in coming to watch, help out, or work on yours here is the contact/address information. I will be bringing a 242 transfer case to disassemble/reassemble to show all the parts and how they work. Greg is also a local 4.0L stroker guru having built a few and has a collection of parts to show on the subject. Sorry for the short notice.

Starting around 9am

Greg Friedman
25310 Rolling Greens Way - Santa Clarita
H (661) 255-9754
C (626) 643-3281

For the map click here
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Handlebars said:
That would be worth the drive if you let me take a Sawzall to your Jeep! :wierd:

Yah right. :rolleyes: I might have to do a little more trimming later myself if I ever get those Rubicon wheels and some 315/75R16 tires.