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Familiar with 4 Mile area?


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Hi Guys..

I'll be heading west on May 6th from Pa, heading to Yellowstone/Teton's for a family vacation. Have a house on the Yellowstone River in Emmigrant, MT from 10th to 21st. Family flies in and out of Bozeman.

I'll be adding a few weeks to my return trip for some sights in Utah and Colorado, last visited in 98.

In my searching for places to visit i came across this site in 4 Mile, anyone familiar with it that can give me a better idea of how to find it? Thinking it would be a good spot for my last camp prior to hitting I-70 eastbound for home. Any help would be appreciated.


I'm sure someone will ask, so my loose plan is I-15 outside Bozeman, through ID and Salt Lake area to Moab. White Rim is a bucket list item, i'd like to spend a few days at Bride's Canyon. Maybe Alstron Point, Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley.. then through 4 corners area to 550 and north. Loose plans and no set schedule.. i'll be alone in a 13 WK2 Overland.

I've driven through there. Very handy to Buny. I honestly don't remember any particular spot for camping, although I think there are some. I don't remember it as being wild, wild and most of the roads are two wheel drive, at least for an XJ on 33's with a rear lunch box locker. There are definitely a couple of hard core trails. There are a bunch of easy trails around Buny, and it's very appreciative of tourism. End of May might be still snow restricted, I doubt it in the 4 Mile area, but other passes may be. Snow has been very average so far, but March and April are the months. You can download a PDF map here: https://garna.org/friends-of-fourmile-2/
Thank You Fred.. much appreciated. I was hoping i might get a hint as to what road i may be able to find that camp. I'll reach out to the friends of 4 mile, maybe helpful.