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Fall Fling October 5-8, 2016


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Sandy, UT
It's getting close to the Moab trip which serves as the October trail ride for IC NAXJA. I hope all of the members are at least considering this one. For those of us in SLC this in only a 240 to 260 mile drive, so it's not like those people who come from the Northwest, Midwest or Northeast chapters. Also, if you haven't done so let me know you are attending. I need to plan for the Friday dinner and if the event is big enough multiple trails per day. Again, I am doing this on a break-even basis so no daily fees and the only costs will be for the Friday dinner where I need to cover the food and the picnic shelter I rented.
I'm considering, but to be honest it's going to take a series of small miracles to get my Jeep there. I'd say I'm a solid 15% maybe!