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external slave swap questions


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well,I now have all the parts exept for a clutch slave cyl. I'm looking for a s/c that will bolt into a '97 up bell but is not part of a one-piece combo. are the '94-'96 slaves compatible for this? anyone have a picture? gonna be nice to be able to shift smooothly again.
Are the bolts up and down, or side to side on the bellhousing?

If they are side to side, I'm almost 100% sure that the older AX4 external Slave will bolt up. And it's a seperate unit..not one piece.
wascobi said:
scratch that! there vertical!
That sucks. ACTUALLY, since the slave has to be out to bleed it, I don;t think it will matter..............Just bend the lines to fit sideways.

Any chance you can get a pic of the bellhousing, and measurements between center of the holes? I have a scrap slave around here I can match up.
The slave / master on my 95 are one piece. You may need an earlier one (or is it later?) just as long as its not the throwout bearing incorporated slave (sp?) I am also thinking about doing this. What is the diameter measurement center hole and width between bolts from your junk slave.
I think that its going to be a stock external slave connected to my howe master with AA's braided line kit. I should be able to get an AN3 male-1/8 pipe thread fitting for the m/c to connect it all up. not happy about no bleeder.
Ok. Looking at it, it's got a 1.25 inch center hole(where the pushrod goes through) and theholes are 3.25 inches on center.

My parts guy says that an old CJ slave SHOULD interchange into the new bellhousing....and the CJ slave is the same # as the old AMC AX4 slave.

the old style slave does have ableeder as well.