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Exhaust hanger stopping t-case from lowering.


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I installed a t-case drop and the transmount rubber is really stretched out but the case doesn't seem any lower. I think the exhaust mount that connects to the plate under trans mount is the culprit. Anyone else have this problem? Any solutions?
What? I've done more than a couple of t/c drops & have never seen this happen. The motor should drop at the rear & the exhaust drops with it. There shouldn't be anything holding up your t/c & trans. You've got my attention. Investigate further. Is there anything between the back of the valve cover & firewall? That would stop the motor from dropping.
:dunno:When you unbolt the crossmember you should be able to lower the whole thing untill the valve cover hits the firewall. You do have to readjust the t/c shifter but it shouldn't stop the trans & t/c from dropping but maybe that is your problem. Check the t/c shifter. I've dropped cases on 5speeds, A/Ts, 231s & 242s XJs, YJs & assorted Chevys, Fords & Dodges. The t/c should be resting on the crossmember. The exhaust moves down with the crossmember & should not be an issue unless it's been welded to the chassis. It should be rubber mounted. If it's welded solid to your Jeep instead, that would cause your problem untill the tailpipe bends or breaks loose. Check where the tailpipe goes over the rear axle to make sure it still has the rubber mount.
Im just coming up on 40K miles and my exhaust will still hold the trans up.I had to loosen up the connections to drop the TC.