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exhaust down pipe

Yeah, the custom shop...
I paid 30 bucks for mine.
The trick is to make sure they clear the front U-joint under full spring compression. Mine rattles when I bounce it too hard up front. No biggy, nothing broken - just irritating.
I don't know of any off the shelf.
My brother and I snagged a DP off a 95+(bigger diameter and I think no crinkles in the bends) at the JY($5.66 for misc part) and then used a welder to heat it up and bang out the factory dent(I wonder what machine makes that lovely dent) and installed it on his 93 xj. He noticed the improvement throughout the rpms.
Mine is a 98+ - still had that dent in it and still lower diameter through the first 1/3 off the manifold.
Now 2.25" through to the tailpipe. Throatier, little quicker