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Electrical Problem - Need help

SC Rednek

NAXJA Forum User
Winchester TN
I've got a 99 XJ, and since we lost power two days ago I've been running my power inverter and extra lights a lot. Something blew, I can't find what, and now my jeep has no power to anything. The battery's good, and I charged it up off another car, but I can't turn on a single light anywhere, nothing works. Turn the key, and it's just like there's no battery, I've got no lights, fans, noises, absolutely nothing. I was thinking the power regulator or a fusable link? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Sounds like you blew the two main fuses. Look at the fuse block under the hood just behind the battery there should be two 60 amp fuses that come directly off the battery and feed that box
Found part of my problem - don't trust other people to help with your jeep, they'll unplug the biggest connector they can find, and tell you it's all good. Anyway, I think I have either a bad alternator, battery, or both because it can only run when it's connected to another car, as soon as I unplug the cables it dies.
Bad connections on the alternator and battery, and a freind who unplugged a big connector on my fuse box and then told me it was all good. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.