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Electric Fan Conversion Install

It seems with electric fans it's always a tradeoff, and one very hard to achieve with 10" diameter fans... I have a couple of 12" SPAL fans that were bought for a different project and they are thick... would not fit anywhere that well even if I did fab up a shroud to make them fit onto the stock radiator... 10" fans that move a lot of air will still have a thick motor and are definitely gonna be $$$... To me it does make more sense than the mechanical fan though and I will probably do it sometime down the road. Did you do any alternator upgrades or is the 97+ alternator good enough? Any chance of easily wiring in an override on switch for the first two fans?

The alternator is from a stock 06 TJ. No idea what the amp output is.

Wiring is as easy or complicated as you wish to make it. Yes, you can wire it to turn on with a switch if you wish. I have an entire other harness I didn't use, that would be perfected for that application. Hell, you could even have it relayed after the first temp switch relay. that what you have two related systems working in conjunction. Interesting thought.
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