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dont flame me


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hi all

ive come to the decision to sell my Mazda 6, hang on yeah this is a jeep site, i know, just stick with me a second.

anyway i have a good old '94 Xj limited with 4 inch lift , 8.25 rear and 4.10 gears and 31 inch tyres, plus extractors and 2.5 inch exhaust, disconnects etc , so a reasonably capable car

i havent owned a v8 in 20 years ( i,m mid 50,s) so as a mid life crisis iv'e sold my lowered Mazda 6 ,18 inch wheels etc and bought a 2003 Grand cherokee overland, (oh oh oh Tim the tool man time) my plan is to only use this car as a commuter 60 miles a day, soooo
i want to lower it ( watch the flames) about 2 inches and but 20 inch rims on it, free up the exhaust and fit a 1 inch dia rear anti sway bar, i see quite a few running around like this and wondered what tyre wear would be like on the front

i know these are a capable off road vehicle, but i cant bear to party with my old XJ, plus i dont want to off road my daily driver

so what do you think about tyre wear, any first hand experience

i know there are Grand cherokee forums, but mainly they are interested, as we are here in modifying for off road performance

talk about what i want to do would get the same response as what i would get here if i wanted to do this to my XJ, and i understand the feelings.

so go easy on me and try to see it from my side

I wouldn't think tire wear would be negatively impacted so long as you adjust the steering for the new height, just like lifting. Keep the angles good and it should still have the same tire wear as before.
I will only flame you for putting it in the wrong forum!


Street and Performance will be more helpful. Might want top message the Petty Cash XJ racing guys, they lowered an XJ for the track.
Basically though, as long as the toe is set properly you'll be alright. the camber is set at the inner cs, and the caster is adjustable via the LCAs.
why dont you shell out a bit more cash and just get an srt-8. that way it already has everything done to it and you can just roll around in that stock and it will be better than your regular grand cherokee.

thats what i would do atleast.
This should be moved the street forum.

1st thing I'd check is how much travel you have to work with before running into the bump stops, and figure out how much the bump compresses. On the XJ the front stops compress down to the metal.

I would try lowering it by cutting the coils. Easy and free and you can get a sense of how you like it, and when you shorten them you do increase the spring rate. If you don't like it you can buy springs later, buy why not start with free and see how it works?