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Dome light problem...


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I was out in my Cherokee tonight and noticed that when the body was being stressed the dome light would come on. I reproduced on flat ground by putting the trans in "D" and holding on the brake and increasing the gas at the same time. This will "turn on" the dome lights and I think the footwell lights. Any suggestions before I start tearing things apart looking for this electrical gremlin? TIA!

My first suspicion would be one of the door switches. Maybe there's enough distortion that the door moves away from the switch just enough to activate it.
dome light.

Mike, turn the dome light on. Go to the back and press against the rear gate. Push it in, this should help with the light. Mine was doing that one day down the highway the light just came on. I got out and turned it off in the back cargo area.(88'). So when I got home I looked at everything. Pressed the hatch down, light out. The pin that holds the hatch down was loose and moved forward enough to loosen up the hatch. Move it back and bolt it down. That would be my first look.
Thanks guys I'll have to double check the rear hatch. I've just removed the bulbs for now untill I can do more investigative work.