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Diff gaurds


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Cheeseland, WI
Just a FYI for you guys. I got my diff gaurd from jb98xj and it's sweet. Fits great and it is HFD(Heavy F***ing Duty), and all for the low low price of $44 including the new grade 8 bolts. If you have a d30 and have thought about how exposed your diff cover is this is the way to go. Just my .02

gold"happy customer"xj
Well put

I couldn't be happier with mine. Thanks to all, jb98xj, goldxj, and brothergoldxj. No better deal for the price.
I don't have one. Try a search for diff gaurds on the non-tech board, that's where I found the origanal post. Or check the member list for jb98xj and send him a PM. Hope this helps. It's worth looking into, I'm very happy. I believe the ring/plate is 3/8" and the loops/gaurd is 5/8" bar stock. Mine worked out to be level with the bottom of my T/R, looks great.