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diff fluid getting pushed out of vent tube


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Roanoke, VA
background info:

* rear axle is a d44 out of a '88xj.
* had my axles regeard (4.56's) and arbs installed a little bit ago

ever since that, diff fluid will get pushed out of the vent tube after driving for about 15 or 20 minutes of 55mph continuous driving.

i've been in contact w/ the shop that installed them and he's had me try a few things like clearing the vent tube and making sure it doesn't have any kinks or bends in it. but no dice.

does anyone have any insight?
That's why I said try. My 8.8 is spouting a little every now and then. I'll just keep it topped off and let it mark it's spot. After NACfest I'll investigate it. Sorry it was no help.
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FitchVA said:
grizzly, thanks for the link. i'll def try it.

and starboard, yes it has a new arb installed

Mine was a teraflex 50 (front), with arb locker, spit up about half a cup every time I stopped after highway speeds and scared the hell out of me. Went back and had 'em install an overflow spit cup and that cured it. No real idea why it was pushing that much pressure, but it was enough to drive it right up the vent tube.
My Currie 9" with detroit spits up a little every time I do 70+ for any amount of time. I just keep it topped off
IIRC the bearing cap needs a relief ground in it.That question was answered here several months ago.
you need to take it back to the shop that did the install and show them the ARB instructions where they need to drill a hole to allow fluid to drain back into the diff. your tubes are filling with fluid. it only takes a 1/4" hole to the outside of the bearing caps. the installer didn't pay attention and it is his responsebility to pull the ARB and drill the holes. I say pull the ARB because you do not want shavings anywhere near the arb seals.