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Did my shock blow a valve? (DT3000 shock)


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Reno, Nevada
Hey guys - I just got back from wheelin and when we finished the trail I was connecting the discos back up and I saw a leak (thought it was power steering fluid) but it was coming from the shock. The oily fluid was on the inner fender (by the shock mount) and pretty much the entire shock casing was dripping wet.

-- Oh by the way its a Doetcsh Tech 3000 (hydrolic shock) --

So my questions are -

1) I figure the shock needs to be replaced, but it seemed fine for the freeway ride home. I have another trip to take in 6 days. Do I need to get another one before then, or can it hold off?

2) How did this happen? I can flex the suspension to full compression of the shock, but no visible outward damage to the shock can be seen (yet). Could this also be caused by the shock not being long enough and the shock limits the droop. (I have more up-travel in the shock than down-travel, but can max them out either way *I think*)

Thanks in advance - I'll check back tomorrow after I get the jeep cleaned up and inspected for more damage.
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check whether there is not something dripping from the top (inside engine compartment).... I had some liquid (coolant from when I had the radiator cleaned) get spilled inside the bay and it found this hole to get into and accumulate... and the end result was that the way it dripped it looked like the shock was busted... plus there was nothing showing inside the bay to be a source of a leak.... took me 3 days to track that one down!
If it's the shock, there will probably be oil running down the body of it collecting dirt and making the shock filthy. I did this tons of times (with mine, it always ran down the side like described, and blew all over what was right above the shock), but I always blew my DT's prerunning in the desert. I drove for a while with blown shocks, and as long as you aren't driving fast (I mean fast offroading), you should be fine. My DTs came with a warranty though and I just kept sending them back for more.

Kejtar - I'm 100% sure it was coming out of the shock. Like you I first suspected it might be something else but after close inspection it's confirmed to be the shock.

Marcus - These shocks are the ones that originally came with my RE4.5" kit and I've had them on for a year and a half. I didn't really expect anyone to warranty them until I called Doetsch Tech. The lady I spoke with said if there is no scoring of the shaft it could be warrantied after inspection. (She said 9 times out of 10 if the shaft is undamaged it will be warrantied) She said most likely it is a seal that went out. I called RE (since I bought the shocks from them) and they are sending me out another shock which I am paying for and I'll return the damaged one for inspection. If it falls under warranty they will refund the money. Either way the shocks are $32.50 so I figured I'll go with it. I'll update you all again with how it turns out.