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Dana 30 Differential


NAXJA Member
Trinity, AL
I'm looking for a non-vacuum disconnect Dana 30, preferably with 3:73 gears.

Thanks, Bob
I have one out of a 98 I’m pretty sure it was 3.55s though. It will also pretty much need to be rebuilt, all the externals that is. It was a parts Jeep and we pulled the axle with all of the steering, control arms, etc still attached. Could use a good wire wheel and fresh paint haha
Where are you located? I believe I have a low pinion D30 with 3.73’s at Rock Your 4x4 in Knoxville, TN
If you decide you are interested, we are in Clarksville, TN. This one is a high pinion, but yeah like I said I believe it’s 3.55s.
I’ll get pictures later and post them here. Probably just $100 if you think you might want it after seeing it. Only reason I kept it was to do a full rebuild, regear, and get rid of my 2001 XJ LP D30 for the spare HP.

Thats the only angle I can get right now, it’s a bit hefty with everything still attached to it and I have a few other axles in front of it so not a lot of room to move it.