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Curiousity about Skyjacker Rock Ready lifts


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North Fla
I have no plans to get one, but am interested in if they are truly "Rock Ready", as I heard them referred to as "Skycrapper". What's the deal on these lifts. I won't lie, they look pretty good from what I have seen. In other words, they photograph well.
The problems I have seen are related to the over the axle cradle that comes with the 8" lift. That thing cracks at the site of rocks. JP (of this board) has gone through three of them.

I think the photography is alluring because of that gal in the Daisy Dukes and straw hat. She definately could make a guy "Rock Ready".

over priced when compared to RE's 5.5 kits...

but he cradle design is right on.. just needs to be made a little better and cheaper.
I have the 6" and I like it, but I do have 2wd. I have also heard about the problems with the 8" and 4wd. I think when you go that high there is just too much caster change for the 4wd. just my .02