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cruise control problems


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El Cajon Ca.
my cruise control no longer works. i tested the three wires on the module with my volt meter and none gave me 12V. i did it with the ignition off and then on and by turning the column switch on and off and still nothing. is there any other ways to test this or am i just missing something. thanks
I'm not sure what you mean by the "module". Are you checking at the vacuum servo under the hood? It probably wouldn't have any 12V if the computer isn't sending it anything. I believe that if the '91 is like my '92 , it does not have a separate cruise computer like the yellow AMC box used up to '90. The main engine computer handles the cruise function too.
Under the dash you should find the connector for the 4 wires that come down the column from the switch. One should have 12V if the ignition is on. The others should get 12V when you activate the various switches on the stalk.
On both my '90 and '92, the cruise didn't work because the wires from the stalk were broken where they went into the column. Autozone sells the stalk on its "Help" rack for about $40. It's a GM part. The connector plugged right in on my '90. On the '92 I had to cut and splice. Lot of trouble to thread the cable down the column; on the 2nd one I just ran it down the outside.
Good luck.