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creaking sound - NP231 output bearing?


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Durango, CO
92 XJ AW4/NP231 155K

I have a creaking sound coming from the transfer case area on my 92 XJ when accelerating from a stop (more often when also turning left and accelerating from a stop) that I thought was a U-joint going so I replaced both U-joints in the rear driveshaft but the sound is still there. fluid in the NP231 was at the correct level and I replaced the fluid as well as a fluid change in the AW4. sound is still there

would the rear output bearing in the NP231 going bad make this type of sound? the sound is kinda like a door opening slowly in a scary movie and sounds like a bad bearing of some sort to me. there is a considerable amount of play in the output shaft from the transfer case (up/down movement) but I am not sure how much play is acceptable?

I checked out the transmission mount and it looks to be solid but I also did not take it out to really get a good look at it but this sound makes me think driveline

any help greatly appreciated
I also have the slow speed creek noise. I recently converted from 2x4 to 4x4 with used trans and transfercase. I'm in the same boat rear drive slip shaft has excessive play. I also though it could be mount, exhaust noise ans still persisting... Can the bushing in the tail shaft be changed?
okay, thanks I was thinking any play would be a sign of worn transfer case. I was confused b/c I have a NP207 in another truck that I just removed before I send it to the crusher and that transfer case has 234K on it and is equally as loose on the shaft but does not make the same noise (at least when the truck was running last)

I recently changed the rear output seal on the NP231 which stopped the slow leak thru the rear of the TC but mabey that was a sign or I fubar-ed the shaft when changing the seal

thanks for the responses