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Cranking but no Spark/Fuel/no CEL 1994 Cherokee Xj


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Hey guys I know this is gone over so much but i am really stumped and in need of help, I have gone over all relays, replaced fuel pump, changed crankshaft position sensor to two different sensors i even replaced with another pcm, I am full on stumped.
What is your fuel pressure? A new fuel pump does not necessarily mean you have fuel pressure. Not all new parts are good. A plugged fuel filter or problem in the line could also be issues. Measure your pressure at the rail and bring that number to the table.

Have you confirmed you have spark? Pulled a plug while someone cranked it over?

Have you confirmed you have a signal to the injectors? (Noid light?)

If you perform those tests and find that yes, you have fuel, but no, you do not have either spark or injector signal I would then pursue the following two trails: Oil pressure and grounds.

The ASD relay is checking for oil pressure. Make sure your sending unit is telling the computer you have oil pressure.

Ground problems can occur two ways. One is grounds that are supposed to be there, but are not. The other is grounds that are not supposed to be there, but are. My own experience with the first can be found in this thread: https://www.naxja.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1148570 My own experience with the second was when my O2 sensor wiring got acquainted with my exhaust system. I am sure there are other forms of both.