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CPS removal


NAXJA Forum User
Fairbanks, AK
Well I'm ahvin a bit of trouble removin my CPS off of my bellhousing. I got the lower bolt off but the top one is givin me a hell of a time. I'm usin two a 10" and 6" extention with a universal joint and everytime I turn it, the socket rolls off the nut. I tried gettin a box end wrench in there but no luck. Any tricks or secrets too it? I put one on my 96 last year and it went off easy as Sh!t but my 99 is bein a pain.

Thanks, Zac
Since you've done it before, you already know pretty much what to do. I'd try using a shorter extension on the bolt end, then u-joint, then longer extension on the wrench end. What you need to do is make sure that the socket is meeting the bolt head squarely and not at an angle. And make sure if you can to use a 6 point rather than a 12 point socket.
I guess i'll just take it to the shop and let them deal with it..