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Coolant vs Water


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Beaver Falls, PA
I managed to put a hole in my radiator yesterday with an air saw (working on OBA/relocating trans cooler) so.......once the new one gets here what should I fill it with? I ran Honda coolant for about a year, which worked great for keeping sludge buildup to a minimum, but other than being kinda pricey, around $10.50 a gal premixed, I'm not convinced it cooled any better than Prestone does. I was considering using distilled water and Water Wetter for the summer to see if I could keep the temps down some. Thoughts, ideas, suggestions???
They say you can run water wetter without antifreeze, but I don't think I would do it. I would probably run atleast a 25% mix of coolant. If not I would put in two bottles of water wetter. Also, I don't know if anyone has any comments, but I have heard that using distilled water is advised against. I have always used distilled and never had a problem, but remember reading that there was something wrong with using it. I don't believe everything I read, but thought it a little odd. Last time I did a coolant change I used that peak water, which is probbably distilled water for 1.50 a gallon.
I would use the Mopar coolant and distilled water. It's just a personal thing from reading where those who went with an aftermarket coolant after replacing a rad or hoses had a water pump failure pretty soon after. I kind of class it like the AX-15 lube thing, it's possible that that factory specifies particular requirements for their stuff. Me, I don't mind paying the bit extra becasue I have seen differences in hardware between the same model OEM champion spark plug and one sold in National Auto and Advanced Auto, failure rates of aftermarket slave cylinders and fuel pumps. As for the distilled water thing I think it's RO type Reverse Osmosis distilled that should not be used in cooling systems, don't remember why off hand, this discussion came up about 4 or 5 years ago and some chemist types explained it but they got a bit too technical for me to follow.
Always mix antifreeze with water in your cooling system otherwise you will run into extreme corosion problems.
Metal and water alone do not mix.
Also if you're really considering not using anti-freeze, the coolant boiling point will be lowered.
Is true....

Straight water is the best for heat removal from an engine, however cannot do that unless you add waterpump lubricant to the water. The waterpump needs the lubricating properties in antifreeze or the seal and bearings will go bad quickly. Also really do need anti corrosion that 'freeze adds.

As far as the Honda coolant, if you are referring to Dexcool, i'd stay very far away from that stuff. If your engine came from the factory with green coolant, the environment it created internally will not properly accept the few benefits the new Dexcool may offer. The main problem with Dexcool is that if any air is ever introduced into the system, a parcipitant is formed and really cloggs everything. In other words, if your vehicle came equipped from the factory with Dexcool and don't mind keeping a close eye on the level, never letting it go down, then keep it. It really is a better type lasting two to three times longer and lowering corrosion problems big time.
Here's a crazy idea. How about mixing 50% Prestone with 50% water? I hear that works well.

Enough of the smart ass thing. Anyway, I would think that if you use the 50/50 mix, and have cooling problems, you have issues other than your coolant mixture.

On the topic of Mopar antifreeze, I noticed that on both of my XJs, after they were 1 year old, there was alot of residue in the bottom of the overflow tank. I replaced the coolant, flushing out the block and overflow bottle. Added the 50/50 Prestone mix and have never had an issue with residue, coolant leaks, or overheating issues.

I would stick with Prestone. That yellow stuff is well engineered.
Honda coolant is not Deathcool. It is a silicate free antifreeze pre mixed at 50/50. It has worked great over the last 4 years at keeping the temps managable even with a no mechanical fan, and the old style electric fan. Of course I don't recomend trying to drive without a fan (I had a Flex-a-lite and it broke, leaving me without anything but the A/C fan for the last couple weeks). The Honda stuff is great, but for what it costs, I was wondering if there was anything better.
50/50 prestone/water has helped my closed system deal with everything PA weather can throw at it.

i just use hose water, and a MOPAR t-stat.

not a damn problem!
I disagree with the statement that water works (cools) better than antifreeze mix. Stock car racers run straight water for one reason only -- the glycol is too slippery and doesn't dry quickly, which makes for dangerous racing after any incident that puts coolant on the track. 50/50 water/glycol cools better than straight water, and also raises the boiling point of the system.
Well, I got everything back together between church and now and I can say that everything works much better now. I replaced the radiator (GDI 3 core), the fan clutch (CarQuest), and the fan and shroud (Mopar). For the liquid, I chose a gal. of Prestone, a bottle of Red Line Water Wetter, and disilled water. I took it for a drive (4-Lo for a couple miles around the property) and I can say it works at least as well as Jeep intended it to. Thanks everyone for the input.