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Coolant Reservoir Hose


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For starters, I have a 1994 Cherokee XJ with a 4.0 I6.

I've been having some issues with my coolant system, and it was recommended that I replace my radiator (which is on the to-do list) and the hose which runs from the radiator cap to the reservoir. I'm having difficulty finding this actual part, and I'm sure I'm just not understanding something. If anything could help me out it'd be really appreciated.
Im thinking it's 5/ 16 heater hose maybe 12 inches or so long.
1/4" or 5/16" rubber vacuum line should work. Nothing terrible special about it, just needs to handle unpressurized hot coolant. While you've got it apart, consider doing the water pump and lines to the heater core if they're still original. Flush the heater core back and forth until it runs clean as well.
I'm pretty sure it's 5/16", and I used
fuel line hose. It took several
feet since the routing goes over the
radiator to the right side reservoir
on mine...