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comanche rear bumper


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Portland Oregon
Where can I get a cool rear bumber for my MJ? I have had a hard time finding anyone to make a custom one, they just say no, we do not make a bumper for a comanche

i have an MJ so I tend to pay attention to these things and I've never seen a good aftermarket MJ bumper. learn to weld of find buddies that can. I really liked the way I built my old bumper, but now I just chopped the bed off. click the link in my signature and there are probably some pictures where you can see my bumper pretty well.
Hey, I'm sorta famous! :D

jcw.com carries FEY's black stock looking bumper for $140

There are also double tube bumper out there.

But they really aren't very strong (I've seen them bend pretty easy) and generally don't give a rating on the reciever, which leads me to belive that they aren't any stronger than stock (class 1, 2000 lbs). A class 3 hitch should be installed for towing.

The stongest ones out there are custom jobs. I love mine; super strong, super simple, super cheap. I used 3/16" wall 3x5 (I feel using 1/4" wall tube is just adding unneeded weight) and bent 1/4" plate for brackets. The most overlooked thing I've seen on other MJ bumpers is using the stock bolts (I'm not talking about the old bolts themselves, but using the same size and number) when designing the bumper to be a yank strap anchor. The bolts are pretty wussy and don't go all the way through the frame. I used (but upgraded) the stock ones, and then added a 3/4" grade 8 bolt through the frame tiedown hole (drilled a hole on the inside of the frame for it to go through) and then tied the bumper in to my rollbar by way of the tire mount. It ain't goin' *anywhere*! :D One problem with my design is that I used straight stock for the brackets to keep costs down and loss the use of my tailgate. That didn't matter to me, but it might to others. And I had to cut into a bit of my already rusty sheetmetal too. Once again, not a problem for me. More picture are at: http://www.picturetrail.com/petermontie
Jeep on!

This is a shot during the initial setup and measuring. I had the steel shop bend the brackets, but I drilled all the holes, cut the reciever holes for the 1/4" 2x2, and mocked it all up using my wussy welder.




The hitch pin goes on the back side:

it's not shown here, but I've since bolted the plate to the bumper (rather than welding so I can remove it if necessary).

The finished product:

I have a matching front one:

Together they cost me about $100 and that includes paying a professional welder, but doesn't include the grilleguard. Steel prices have gone up since then though.
what type of bumper are you guys looking for??? My neighbor at the shop has an MJ and probably wouldn't mind me borrowing it for a sunday to make a jig, are all the years the same? 2wd-4wd the same? If there is enough interest I would consider putting something together.
pete i love your comanche and yes steel prices have gone up. i called up the local steel place and they want $103 for a 3"x5"x6' piece of 1/4 inch tube. you gotta check mine out sometime on cardomain.com its raymonds beater comanche
the stock ones are pretty strong

i still havent got around to getting a reciever because i just let somebody winch me right from the ball i put on the bumper

i got winched out of a lake and 20ft up a 45* slope covered with big rocks and the rear bumper held up extremely well
Not only is 3/16" lighter (yet more than strong enough for our applications and with that design) but it should be a bit cheaper too. Steel prices are outrageous! I got some sticker shock when I bought the 2x2 tube for my rocker guards.
Ya got a nice lookin' truck there, Ray! And the guys at the Comanche club would love to see some pics of your dad's truck doing some wicked burnouts! :D
Remember, just because it's a 2" reciever hitch, doesn't automatically mean it's rated for class 3 or more. The attachment points between the bumper and the brackets, and then the brackets to the frame need to be a lot stronger than the stock bumper crap.
Jeep on!

P.S. my stock bumper tried to fold in half the instant I started jacking up from the center with a highlift. Rust is a major factor in bumpers made entirely from sheetmetal. Mine looked okay on the outside, but a closer inspection reveiled some rust had started inside the area where the ball goes. I trust them even less than I trust Peugeots or Dana 35s. A slow pull with a winch is a lot different than even a mild snatch with a tow strap.
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