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Colorado Chapter Monthly Trail Runs

WM. We were cleaning the mess in the basement.

Well..we don't have a basement. Usually someone says bottling they are talking about the can plant next door where I work, but you must have been at OI. They aren't a part of AB, but do make all of the bottles for the FTC brewery.
Yeah was OI, across from vestas.. Yeah saw they made the bottle for y'all, they had a pump go out so was pulling their coolant and water up from the basement. 300' of hose. :gag:
Who is going. Might be rigless but still interested in maybe camping and watching / taking pics.
Me and my family are going.

Where's a good place to camp. I've read you can camp at the TH or just up the trail a ways.
Any lockers? Chinamans probably can still be done on 30's with good spotting, but it's pretty rough in spots. It it's wet, AT's won't cut it.

I did Chinamans in a bone stock 98 back in 2006. The only hard part was the V notch which does not exist anymore. :gee:
When I ran it last year, it was a ton rougher than it used to be. The soil between the rocks had left in many places and it was a lot harsher ride.