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clutch chatter noise


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I searched...didnt find exactly what i need

The jeep is an '88 with the BA-10 5-speed. When driving in gear with the clutch engaged, there's a rattling/chattering noise that seems to come from the bellhousing. It goes away when i disengage the clutch. It always does this in 1st-3rd gear and is worse when accelerating.

Loose something? t/o bearing, clutch, pilot, input bearing?

NOTE: there is no problem with how the clutch feels or operates, it's smooth and perfect.

Thanks in advance!
sounds like a bad throughout bearing or you might need to resurface the clutch, if it was my Jeep, I would pull the driveshaft out, inspect and lube or replace all U-Joints, then pull the transmission out and replace the clutch, throughout bearing and have the flywheel ground or replaced. This is something that will eventually be required to do and better to do it before it breaks at the worst possible time. Not a hard job just be sure to line up the clutch before trying to replace the transmission

That was along the lines of what i was thinking...

I figure that because the clutch slips real smoothly and feels fine that its got to be the t/o bearing. I guess i should be looking for the rest of the parts for my AX-15 swap.
If the noise goes away when you press the clutch pedal, it is not the throwout brg. It is loaded when the clutch is disengaged, and unloaded when the clutch is engaged. The problem is in the trans. When you disengage the clutch, the trans stops spinning, noise gone. Sorry if this is not as encouraging as the other reply.