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Check gauges light still on after replacing oil pressure switch


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Hey there guys, got a 97 XJ country. I have the "Check Gauges" light on my cluster and the oil pressure gauge is stuck on 0. I was told that it was most likely my pressure sender, so I bought one from Autozone and replaced it and I still have the light and the oil gauge still doesn't work.

Are there different types of oil senders for different kinds of clusters? I heard there are clusters with "idiot lights" instead of actual gauges. Do these require different senders? I may have just bought the wrong one, if that's the case.

Sounds like you have a problem with the gauge ,or gauge cluster,or wiring to the gauge cluster..

No power to the oil pressure gauge would make it read zero.

yes, there are diffrent senders for gauges and idiot lights. Check all the wires and make sure there are no breaks anywhere visible.

To reset the computer, simply disconnect the negative side and leave it for about 15 minutes then reconnect it and the light should go off if nothing else is wrong.

As a side note, what brand of oil filter are you using?
I dunno, I think it's a pennzoil oil filter, I got it done at Jiffy Lube. Only because I hate doing it myself, everything else is easy.
I also noticed yesterday that while cranking the engine, the gauge does respond and move almost halfway up the dial, but then dies when the engine starts.