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Can i flush my Own Trans Fluid?


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I dont' just want to change my pan fluid, i was wondering if i can completely drain and flush all the trans fluid out myself and refill?


aside from the pan you will need to pull the trans and remove and drain the torque convertor..... big job.... is it really contaminated or just really dirty? if its dirty i'd just do the pan refill it and change it again the next weekend and repeat until it's clean. not really recommended on something with high miles and not regular fluid changes... the old fluid can make deposits and build up, new fluid can actually wash away some of this stuff.. including buildup on friction surfaces and sealing surfaces... results can range from improved performance to slipping clutches and leaking seals.. ive had both ends of that in my own experience... it depends why you want to flush the system and how well its been taken care of.... im sure there are more opinions on this one....... thats my .37 cents.....
You can easily flush it nearly 100%. Drain the pan, replace the filter, refill new fluid equal to the amount you drained out, disconnect one of the tranny cooler lines, stick the pressure side line in a gallon jug, start the engine and dump fresh fluid in as fast as it is pumping it out. I like to let it pump through between 6 and 8 quarts and I usually stop the engine half way through to change the jug.
do you mean add fluid to the dip stick hole as the trans pumps out the old stuff? or could you disconect both cooler lines and have one attached to a bottle of new fluid and the other just dumping the old fluid in to a drain pan?
I may be wrong, but i dont think that the return line has any vacuum, it just gets oil back to the tranny by the pressure in the other hose. So no, you have to dump it in from the top.