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Bunks available in our cabin


NAXJA Forum User
Rocklin, CA
We have matt and jeni's cabin. It looks like there are three open bunks. Jes has one of the bunks in the second room but three more are available. We will have our World Famous Wheeling Poodles with us. And loud snorers probably shouldn't apply. Depending on how many we have, figure anything from $9-13 a night. The cabins are heated and AC. Here is a link:


Let us know ASAP if y'all are interested. We are beer drinkers at the campground, be forewarned.

SeanP and Marni
I've been thinking about applying for that bed, but one I don't drink ;), wife sais I snore sometimes, and those famous poodles would probably keep me up sneezing :(
Poodles don't shed or generate dander like other animals. We can play it by ear. We'll have an alcohol-free bunk saved.