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Bug Bites


PSR Fire Marshall
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Did anyone else get bit up at NACFest? I got a few bites in my lower legs Thursday night, a lot more on Friday, and tons on Saturday. I ended up with them even in spots that were covered, though the majority of them are on my legs and arms.

They still itch, and are now starting to come to little white heads. Anyone know what the critter was that was causing the bites? It didn't seem like I ever felt as many on me as I have bites. Normally, the insects don't bother me too much (too old and bitter, I guess), but this time the bites are in the hundreds.

David Bricker / SYR
I didn't get bit but there was a shitload of earwigs under my rain fly when I took my tent apart Sunday.
I wondered if the bites were from earwigs. I spent 15 minutes knocking earwigs off the seams of the tent. There were dozens in the legs of my folding table, and when I got home and dumped out the ice chest, a few dozen came out of the wheels. I should probably fumigate my car. I took care to empty everything out onto the porch where I could check for them, and kill any that scurried out before bringing stuff in the house, or putting away in the garage.

Looking at earwigs bites in the intardnet, these bites seem a bit smaller, and not as red. Plus, judging form the number of bites I got, I would have expected to have seen them on me at some point.

David Bricker / SYR
nope, none here. which is actually surprising. that many could be fleas or mites, especially since you said you never saw them. i got eaten pretty good by sand fleas wheelin out on the island once pretty good... my legs were covered.
There was a huge ass deer tick crawling across my tarp when i was folding my tent up. Hopefully no one had one of those latch on.
Y'all have Chiggers up there? Kind of sounds like chigger bites.
I was watching very carefully for ticks, considering we were camping in the field that had all sorts of ticks in the tall grass last year.

But I didn't see any of them.

On Saturday night, during round 2 of weird beer tasting, we had a whole bunch of Japanese beetles swarming near and on the table. Not sure if they were attracted to the candle light, but hadn't seen any the nights before.

Too many bugs overall, but that's why it's green, I guess. At least there weren't Cicadas this year.

David Bricker / SYR
mild case of poison ivy here. I thought they were just bug bites at first. I don't recall stepping in poison ivy though.

Its not gross, oozing poison ivy, just small bumps all over my legs and a couple other spots.

Same here, I'm usually super allergic but its doesn't seem too bad this time.
Yeah, judging from the intardnet info, it looks like it was chiggers Strange, in that I really didn't sit in the grass or anything like that. But seeing (or not!) that chiggers are near invisible, I could have picked them up any time.

The intardnet also says the bites don't become apparent for a day or two, which might explain why it seems like I have more bites now than I had when I left.

David Bricker / SYR
i got a nasty hornet sting courtesy of Rob, Andy's BIL.......taking a nest down right in front of me haha....
I'm covered in tiny red spots all over my arms and legs. They itch like all hell. I'm assuming they are some kind of insect bite.

Same thing I have. Funny, the bumps on my arms aren't red, bu tthe ones on my legs and other parts are. Benedryl and Calamine lotion helps.

David Bricker / SYR
I got bit up really bad Saturday night. Mine don't look like chigger bites, just regular mosquito/bug bites
Nothing too bad, some random red bite marks here and there but nothing too out of the ordinary. Got lucky considering I was doorless and wandered into the grass a couple times
I mentioned to Patrick that I never wear shorts anymore when wheeling in wooded areas. I got a nasty case of Poison Ivy a few years back after wheeling at the Badlands. I don't ever want to go through that again if I don't have to.

There were lots of Earwigs in my Yurt which was one reason I slept in the back of the GC.