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Broken Turn Signal Arm


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I am restoring an 89 XJ Lorado, the PO broke off the turn signal arm within about 3/4" of the steering column. The remaining wiring only sticks out about 1/2". I have a donor XJ (87 Limited), so I know I have everything I need to fix the problem, but wanted ya'all's opinion of the best way to go about this. I've looked and just don't see an obvious way to start on this, and hate just tearing into something without at least an idea of what direction I am going in...

If the arm can be replaced without pulling the column, great, but if I have to pull the column, would it be easier just to swap 'em? Help! TIA!!
The wires unplug under the dash, pull a heavy string through as you pull the old wire out.

The stalk just unscrews and you pull in and the wires out.

Tie the new wires on the string and pull the wires back in and screw the stalk back in.

No need to pull the steering wheel.
Not sweet nor easy, I pulled the cover (took tilt lever off), looking in that mess of grease and more moving parts than I'd have imagined, all I see are two inacessable tiny phillips screw heads that the lever seems to pivot around...are these the screws I need to remove to get this thing off?

A am starting on the donor vehicle, figuring I'll know (hopefully) how to put it back once I have it apart.

Further help needed...please!
So, steering wheel is off, got the &*$%^&* of a retaining split ring off, and the plate behind it. Got the OH SO Fragile plastic piece with the skein of wires off the back out of the way unharmed. Got the 3 great big torx screws out...and nothing, the lock cylinder will not budge, the turn signal arm sneeringly wiggles back and forth, up and down around a pretty secure pivot point, there is something I am missing :flamemad: :flamemad: HELP!! I am about to take a hammer to the damn thing, and I'd really like to avoid that as it won't instruct me much in how to put the other POS back together!!!
Last year I replaced the 'multi-function' stalk on my '92 by just pulling it out. Straight out. As stated in a previous post, pull a string up with the cruise wires, and just pull 'em back down. Did it in about five minutes. But, the replacement that I got from jeepsareus.com had a different plug for the cruise wires, so I rang out the wires to match the old plug, spliced them on, and just plugged it in. If your stalk is broken off so low, maybe grasp it with pliers, and gently pry it out with a screwdriver. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.
Well, it works...word of advice, although it makes routing the wire MUCH easier, if you pull off the cover that the tilt controll rod goes through, you'll pay back in spades getting the high/low beam switch working again HAHAHA, not bad, just requires a bit of fiddeling <sp?>!!

Thanks to all who contributed to my sucess on this little task!!!