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Bridgestone A/T Revo - first impressions!!!


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Live Free or Die
This past week, on a trek to Nova Scotia, we had a chance to put
some real miles (about 2000) on the new tires. We traveled
everything from highways and dirt roads to beach tidal paths
(roads paved with basketball sized stones). The drive from New
Hampshire to Portland, ME was wonderful and the Revo's inspire
confidence at highway speeds. The ferry ride to Yarmouth, NS
(an 11 hour ordeal wedged between tractor trailors in the hole
of the ship - below decks) proved the tires were physically strong
enough to endure endless rocking and scraping of diamond plate
on the ramps. And driving out onto the Wedgeport Peninsula
(between Halifax and Yarmouth) on the beach front at low tide
proved the Revo's have traction even on the worst of "loose
surfaces". All in all a great trip on a great set of tires. This tire is
highly recommended to anyone with an XJ.

Picture (Cape Sable Islands - near Halifax, Nova Scotia) at:
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I agree wholeheartedly! I also have a '01 XJ that's "Bone Stock" with the A/T Revo's on it. I've had my tires for a couple of months now and they are sensational. They stick like glue to every surface I've had them on. I can't wait for winter snow because I know they'll be great there, too. They also look great. I bought 245/70-16's for mine which turn out to be roughly 30" and they only rub slightly at full lock.
i have 265/70R15 on my jeep. I drive in snow alot. just ask anybody from michigan's north shore. we average close to or over 300 inches a year. i was actually disappointed with these tires in the snow. I like to live with a little to much right pedal and like going down the road a little sideways. :D but with these I only went straight. In late march or early april we got 2' in a matter of 5 or 6 hours. With the temp being around 30 to 35 this was a very wet and heavy snow. I was the only person able to get out of our driveway. I basicly had to roll our drive way and pull the other people out. there were 2 other jeeps (ZJ and an XJ), a full size chevy with mud tires and a subaru WRX with brand new blizzacks (sp?) he was bragging how his new tires are good in deep snow and how he was going to pull us out. I have never laugh so hard when he asked me for a pull and had to dig out the front of his car so we had something to attach to. Even in the wet snow the clean very well as long as you are doing 15+ mph under this and have a tenicy (sp?) to pack up and get slick but spin them and the snow just flys out. What other sizes do people have, I love the pattern but i feel that the 245 would be the narrowist i would want to go. after that i picture the tread starting to bunch up and become ineffictive but i have no experiance other than the 265. They are also quiet for being as aggressive as they are. To get to school I have a 500 mile, 7 to 8 hour drive (when the roads are good, up to 20 hours drive when the roads are nasty. 200 miles @ 15 mph is extrely boring and tiring) .

sorry for being so winded but I just love these tires so much.

Hey skog, is yours lifted to fit those? I wish my stock Goodyears were worn enough to justify newer larger tires. Ive been still paying attention to recommendations, so I made note of yours (pl).
no lift. i have a 96 sport that is slight sagged. on stock rims the rub at full turn but not till the last little turn of the wheel that makes the steering box squeal so i dont turn it that far anyway.
they arent really that big. they work out to a 30.5x10.4R15.
That's funny about the WRX. They can do many things very well, but two feet of snow is not one of them. They do pretty well on sand too, until the owner gets overconfident and drives onto a soft beach. The car is partly to blame. It makes you FEEL like you can do anything.